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Kimberly Lee

What a super job Kim has done. She's transformed a photo of my gorgeous gelding so you can see how stunning he is. Really friendly and helpful - responding quickly to requests. Thanks so much Kim!!

Thea Roberts, Digital Portrait Customer

Photo Portrait Edits:

Do you have a photograph of your horse/pony/cat/dog or absolutely anything else which you'd love to have turned into a professional looking portrait? 

This is the perfect solution for those who aren't able to have a full photo shoot with me or would love a special photo to treasure of their loved and lost. 

Images must be at least 1200x800 pixels wide although the suitability of the image will be determined individually and I'm able to work with you to compromise and come up with creative solutions when limited quality images are all that's available! 

The cost of a digital image is £10 per animal in the photograph.

Please email any images you have in mind to